Introducing PearDrop

A cross-platform file-transfer application. Share files in style.

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Fast & Free

Optimized to send files as efficiently as possible, without loosing any quality. No cost to download and use.

Secure & Supported

P2P connections are utilized with no external server involved. Our team aims to ensure that releases is stable and reliable.

Clean & Compatible

Supported on every platform, ensuring that you can get files wherever they need to go, whenever you need to send them

Our Mission

These days, closed ecosystems surround us. iPhones only share with Apple devices, Android phones only with Windows. Sending a file from one place to another is difficult and frustrating, usually requiring you to send an email to yourself. This is not acceptable, and PearDrop aims to solve this issue.

PearDrop is an application built on a custom protocol that is available on every platform (Apple, Google, Windows, etc). This allows for simple and efficient file transfer when you really need it.

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